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Searching for documents in a space with specific attributes

Question asked by jneeve on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2010 by tomu702
Does anyone know if its possible construct a lucene search that would let you search for documents that are only in spaces that have a specificy space property.

So, for example we have student spaces. The space has a 'school'  property.

Then, inside student space we have subfolders with document types. So say, type1, type2, type3, etc.

Can I construct a search that says 'find me all documents of 'type1' where its parent space has the matching property of 'School = 'Some School Name'

I was also wondering perhaps if it would be quicker to get all the possible list of spaces matching the first criteria , and then re-query the resultSet with the second set of criteria - I don't see a away (other than perhaps looping through the resultSet itself) to do this though.

Path type queries seem very slow though…  ideas? Thanks!