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class file not  found

Question asked by anilkumar.sama on Jul 23, 2009

I have downloaded alsfresco-sample-website.war.I extracted the .war file.

i keep only about,media,web-inf,index.jsp and deleted other folders.

And using i added my logic to read my web forms.
I deleted companyfooterbean.class file in

i compile  my using external jar files of alfresco and generated class file.

I placed the pressreleasebean.class in to and web-inf/lib/alfresco-sample-website.jar.
In pr.tld file i didn't change anything because, the method names are same.i have created my own web forms.
i zipped all these folders and did bulk import into my website.
and i want to add my content to about/news section in alfresco sample website.

My query is, when i click the about/news sevtion it is giving error like:

the class pressrelease bean mentioned in TLD file for the method getpressreleases is not

Please help me.