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Limits in interaction between Share & Explorer

Question asked by norgan on Jul 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by mikeh
Hi there,
I am currently considering mixing the share and explorer usage in one installation. Specifically, I want to copy/move content objects into document libraries, which are then used via share.

I started summarizing my questions and knowledge in a WIKI article. Answers here would help me a lot. Updating the wiki page Alfresco_Share would be even better :)

Thanks a lot in advance


Working in parallel with Alfresco Explorer
[bearbeiten] Overview

Alfresco Share is a team collaboration application, using the repository. It is not designed as extension to the Alfresco Explorer. So even so the "sites" Space is visible in the Alfresco Explorer, all Sites-operations should be started via Alfresco Share only, to prevent inconsistencies.
Allowed interaction

    * Editing Categories of objects using provided forms in v3.2(how do you start that ? Is that automatic ? -> The Wiki on Forms)
    * Tags and Categories use a common database

Known issues

Q: I cannot find any sites in share anymore, even though they are available ? A: One or more of the spaces in /sites was created using the Alfresco Explorer instead of the Share interface. To fix that, remove the space in question
Open Questions

    * How can we backup/restore share sites. Import via Alfresco Explorer does not work.
    * Can the calendar be used within Alfreso Explorer. Can the data be shared.
    * Can share access non-share-spaces to retrieve/manage documents ?
    * Is it officially suported to copy objects into doclibraries ? (it seems to work, but …)
    * How can the sites space be hidden in the explorer to prevent unwary explorer users from messing up share