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Web Forms Relators

Question asked by egcoder on Jul 24, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2009 by pmonks
Hello All,
I'm facing a problem of creating a web form relators (or you may call it web forms nesting), what I seek is have a web form of certain type inside my parent web form, so that I would be able to fill both data from inside the parent web form only, for example:

I have a "Vendor" web form that have the following elements:
-Vendor Name -> of type text field
-Product -> of type "web form product"

the "Product" web form should have the following elements for example:
-Product Name -> text field
-Specifications -> a relator of {key and value}

and the "Product" web form should have only a name text field for example, so that when I try to create an item of the "Vendor" I would find it something like below:

-Vendor Name=XYZ
–Product Name=Glasses
–Specifications= key->size & value->3      ||       key->weight & value=30gm

I would appreciate if any one could give me a clue about how to implement such relation in alfresco, I used to do that using data relators and content type relators in vignette, but I hope to find a similar implementation here at alfresco.

Thanks A lot,