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Facing strange clustering problem Alfresco 2.1.1 E

Question asked by vipul on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2009 by vipul

Facing a really strange issue in clustered alfresco. (Environment: WAS7 (All fix), DB2, AIX, JDK1.6 (All Fix).
Lets take name of clustered Alfresco instances as NODE1 and NODE2 and below is what it is happening.

1) Adding a.txt in NODE1 gets reflected on NODE2.
2) Adding b.txt in NODE2 is NOT getting reflected on NODE1.
3) Now I am adding c.txt in NODE1, it show a.txt, c.txt and b.txt as well.
4) Deleting a.txt in NODE1 reflects on NODE2.
5) Deleting b.txt in NODE2 reflects on NODE1.

Overall, Delete on any node is reflected on both nodes, but adding is one way reflection(NODE1 to NODE2).
In point number 2), interesting thing is, in Node Browser of NODE1 i can see b.txt But out of Node Browser I can't see that.

1 shared database.
1 shared SAN location
1 local store location on each node.
Level-2 cache off.

Can somebody help in this…?