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CIFS DOC,XLS,PPT can not launched - read only / locked

Question asked by wmay on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2009 by aleks_sh
There seems that there is maybe a problem with Alfresco 3.2 CE – when i try to open a MS-Office docment e.g. MS-Word Document DOC direct from a CIFS folder it is not possible to open it with a double click - the document seems to be locked by another process ??

It is possible to

-   Copy a doc
-   Delete a doc
-   Rename a doc
-   Save a doc direct from MS-Word to the CIFS drive
-   Create a new doc on the CIFS

But it is not possible to open the Doc from the CIFS folder by double click – in this case an error message comes up that the file is actual in use - and the file can only opened read only.

The same done via the a WebDAV folder - no problem - no error and double click to open works correct.

I added all rights to – the logged in owner of the folder, to EVERYONE and to the GUEST user – so there can not be a restriction oft he rights – it seems that there is a process which blocks the DOC document and which does not gives it free.

I used Office 2007 for my tests. - with DOC and also DOCX and i also made tests with PPT and XLS

When i try to drag&drop the DOC to the Alfresco Checkin&out.EXE function an other error message comes up that this is not allowed by the actual security settings. ??

When i try the same with the MS-Office Plugin – there same happens - when i check on and use the CIFS folder access – when i do the same with the WebDAV there is no problem and all works correct.

I also made the same test on the same machine with a Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.0 and there it works correct without a problem - so it can not be the client or the configuration of MS-Office. it only happens with Alfresco 3.2 CE

Does anybody has / had the same problem with the 3.2 CE ?
Can this be a configuration problem of the file server settings ?

Thank you for your help