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Old version of Chiba causing problems

Question asked by nlfiedler on Nov 11, 2009
The current version of Alfresco includes a rather old version of Chiba (v1.3.0 from 2006) and this seems to be causing a few problems for us. For instance, support for xs:attribute seems to be broken (it throws exceptions about model item path not found). Another issue is that when we define a web form with an XML Schema supplied to us by a partner, some unidentified element causes grief for Chiba. As a result we cannot use Alfresco for our projects.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to deal with this problem? I tried dropping the 1.5.2 Chiba .jar into the lib directory but apparently some Java method signatures have changed and exceptions were thrown from within Alfresco. What I'm hoping for is that Alfresco will update the bundled Chiba and modify their code accordingly. Otherwise I suppose I'll have to build Alfresco from source and do it myself, assuming that's possible.