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User and Group management is very weak

Question asked by tgmweb on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by dward
I might be missing something - I've been playing with Alfresco for a while, and I've come up against some pretty seriously limiting issues:

1.) Usernames.
Our repository has over 2000 users, some of which might have the same name. So, I thought, a good unique name would be the users email address (100% unique). However, this seems to cause serious issues. (Usernames can't have non-alpha numeric characters?) How can I overcome this?
2.) Group Management.
Can't move groups. Can't references groups within other groups. Can add exising group as sub group.
I've used LDAP to import our groups (850 of them). But they're all dumped into the root. And, now I can't move them, or create any group structure…. seriously limiting.

Has anyone any ideas on the above? Any reason why such seemingly simply things are not possible?