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New theme: Where is the old??!

Question asked by thomasrjones on Nov 12, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2009 by thomasrjones
I have a been trying to change the theme of my alfresco 32 CE site for a few days. It is looking fairly well; but a few issues. First I AM NOT a java guru. I use c++ and perl…. :(

Where the heck is the code for the sidebar and getting-started???? I attempted to grep various words to determine the location of the sidebar's background-color:#ffffff; declaration…….to no avail.

I have been looking for where PanelGenerator.generatePanelStart pulls its code from???

Ugghhhh…….navigate to my website for reference to the problem —–

I just want to remove the backgrounds. Browse to the home space to get a feel for where i am going with it.

Thanks guys!!!