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Full repository backup and restore (Server to server)

Question asked by iann on Nov 12, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2009 by jdeclerck

I've been trying to get to the bottom of the problems I've been having over the last few days with trying to backup and restore my Alfresco installation, I've posted in another thread ( but i'm wondering if there's an easier way to back things up.

The processes that i've tried:

Based on the above I've tried:

    Backing up each content store directory individually and then using WGET to send them from server to server
    Backing up the contentstore as a whole as the alfresco store
    I've confirmed that the data is migrated to the new database - I checked the alf_authority table and all users were present as expected.
    I've also tried backing up the database of the new site and then restoring, this works fine so my DB backup / restore process is working
I think I've tried pretty much everything and in exasperation tried using the site explorer tool, although this backups up the content, it doesn't migrate the users and the option for a full repository export seems to have been removed from version 3.2.

Am I missing something simple? Any help would be very greatly appreciated!