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Sharepoint problem

Question asked by jnjp28 on Nov 12, 2009

i want to connect MS Office with my alfresco 3.1/share with the sharepoint protocol.

I wad installed vti module but when i want to edit my document inline, i can't to access my alfresco server. A authentication pop up appear. My login and password are denied by the system.

Catalina.out :

11:40:24,065 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiFilter] Checking request for VTI or not
11:40:24,066 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiFilter] Return VTI answer for HEAD request
11:40:24,066 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiFilter] Checking is resource exist
11:40:24,066 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiFilter] Authenticate the user 'admin'
11:40:24,074 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.handler] Resolved file info for 'revueprojets/documentLibrary/CYCLADES%20-%20Manuel%20d'installation%200.1%20brouillon.doc' is null

Help me please and sorry for my english (i'm french)