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Alfresco SPP Support Problem

Question asked by rabisahoo83 on Nov 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2010 by chandu7ee

I am new to alfresco and using alfresco community edition 3.2 .To use sharepoint protocol support in alfresco community edition 3.2 any additional plugin installation required or not.
I ve downloaded alfresco MMT 2.1.0 , vti-module.amp,root.war file.Then I have tried to follow the steps as described in alfresco wiki.during installation of vti-module in to alfreco.war it is throwing 7 errors.But I feel the above mentioned alfresco MMT 2.1.0 , vti-module.amp,root.war  that was meant for alfresco lab 3.
Then during creation of document work space in word 2007 ,an error is showing -"Action could not be completed.for more information,contact your site administrator or try again later. "

I ve tried a lot of times.but finding no solutions.
So plz Help.

anyone can send me a solution to this id.

Thanx in Advance.