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Removing the default features

Question asked by mialfresco on Jul 29, 2009
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Hi team,
We are currently implemeting an KMS using alfresco DMS features.
For that we are required to configure the web client UI according to our requirement.
As first phase we don't want to show all the default features in Advanced search like "look in location wizard", "Show me results in the categories wizard", "more search options wizard" etc. So i want to enable these wizards. I have gone through the web-client-config.xml inside alfresco but these are not declared in that file.
And another one is after clicking the "view details" link of any document i'm seeing various boxes like "Custom View", " Links", "Multilingual Content Info" etc. As a first phase we don't want to see all the features to the users in the first time itself. So decided to disable these features. So how to do this.

Can anyone guide me in this regard.

Thanks in adnace.