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3.2 Community on Ubuntu 9.04

Question asked by mepageaujr on Nov 13, 2009
Hey everyone.

I am very new to both Linux and Alfresco so I will try and word this as best I can.

I recently installed the 3,2 community version of alfresco on Ubuntu 9.04 for my work. Prior to the install I also installed LAMP which i suspect may be causing some of my problems, All was running after the install I could log in add content and so on with no issues and I could use PhpMyAdmin to back up the database which is what we wanted.

When I got to work today and set up the computer I can no longer access the localhost:8080/alfresco i get a 404 error and it says the resource is not available. I know when I had it on windows that you had to start the server but I am having trouble finding any tips on how to do it for my version. If anyone knows the command or knows what else could be causing this I would appreciate it greatly.

Thanks for reading!