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broken CIFS in community 3.4d

Question asked by mozg31337 on Oct 13, 2011

I was testing CIFS access using linux and windows clients and found a few issues. I can copy files/folder to and from the alfresco server. I can create new folders and files. I can also delete files/folders. However, I can't seems to edit existing files.

For instance, I created a new Site and gave users Manager access to those sites. I've copied a number of files/folders into the new space and tried to edit several files using the testing account that i've created. I've tried opening a file in Word / Open Office Write and making changes. When I press Save it gives me an error message that the file can't be saved - Access Denied.

Also, I've created a New document and saved it into one of the folders. I then added some changes to the document (without closing it) and pressed the Save button to save changes. It gives me the same Access Denied error as above.

Another issue i've found is: I've created a document and save it. Another user (who has Manager access to the space) can only open this document as read-only. The message pops up saying that this document is open for editing by Unknown User.

Many thanks for your help