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Synchronize Authentication

Question asked by johnwarthman on Jul 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by mikeh
I am trying to build a windows-based application to help my company use Share.  In one panel, I use a WebBrowser control to allow access directly (this seems to be working in general), and in another panel, I am making more direct access to certain file activities (my users do not like the Share Document Library interface).  I am using the calls to WebScripts (using v3.1) to acheive this.

I have run into the problem that I cannot synchronize the Share login with the webscripts login.  If I log in via webscript, I cannot overrride the share login with the alf_Ticket as the wiki suggests. 

If I log into Share through the browser, I cannot access the session information in a useful way to gather the credentials to synchronize them.  There may be a trick to this part that I do not know - I am new to both Share and the WebBrowser control.

Any suggestions or resource links would be welcome.

Thank you!

PS, as a small note to the side, the returned ticket in JSON doesn't have the quotation marks around each item.  I am new to JSON, but the JSON.Net parser I used choked and said it was out of spec.  It is the only script I've seen have this problem so far.   It was easily worked around, so please don't reply to the issue here.