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Alfresco template upload ,Help Required

Question asked by techhb on Nov 14, 2009
I am new to alfresco and i am using alfresco community edition as well as alfresco sdk.

My client has following requirement.
1)Requirement is to use templates created by client which are stored in alfresco repository ,We need to access those templates in our webapplication(Standalone) and then populate data in those template and display to user.

I need following help.
i)Which template format should be used free marker or xsd(This is client required input from me)?
ii)How can i load templates stored in alfresco repository into my application,I need to load it through java only(I need perticular API name or if possible some sample code for it)?
Please help me to find way out as i am not getting the right direction ?
If such question has already been asked please guide me to right thread,Thanks..