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How Sorting (or any Other js) bind values in dropdown?

Question asked by nirvanvjain on Oct 14, 2011
Dear All and Alfresco Engineers,

As per my understanding

For sorting in share-config-custom.xml sorting parameters are specified and in search-min.js , it is picking up the field value and sort it accordingly

this.widgets.sortButton.set("label", this.msg("label.sortby", menuItems[m].cfg.getProperty("text")));

There is sort button in Alfresco SHARE search result page and it is binding the data from share-config-custom.xml for sorting.

After getting the sort parameters by calling function it sort the search results accordingly by lucene query but In how search-min.js is able to get(bind) the parameters from share-config-custom file ,that is my doubt ?

P.S. :: Some thing from this line of code Alfresco Share shows that drop down.

Please guide me.