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Limitions on OSX?

Question asked by northpoint on Oct 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by fiferyan
Apologies if this has been covered before; I could not find it.

I would like to move my Alfresco Community system to a server.  We are an engineering firm, so technical but too small to have an IT department.  We also have done everything to date peer to peer, so we have no existing server.  Because of this, and perceived advantages of simplicity, support, and licensing costs, I am considering putting Alfresco on a Mac OSX Lion server, even though most of our workstations are Windows based.  My question is, are there limitations of functionality based on OS in Alfresco Community?  Are there features, extensions, add-ons etc that just do not work in OSX because Alfresco was written natively in a different OS?

I don't want to "gain" the simplicity of Mac server at the cost of crippling Alfresco.

Thoughts appreciated.