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Should I Use Alfresco?

Question asked by karljj1 on Nov 16, 2009

I have been looking at Alfresco for the last 2 weeks. It has some elements that i really like but i am struggling to understand how to use it for a project i have.

I need a system, where people can log on, choose to create a new "Event". This Event will be an area where people can upload files relevent to the Event, however i also want them to be able to create some standard files that all Events require.
For example, they could click to add "Event Data", they would then be presented with a HTML form which the output would be saved into the "Event" space as xml. I also want a calendar, for adding the "Event Dates" which would then be e-mailed to all people who belong to a certain group(Event_Admin).

I have seen all theese features in Alfresco however they are all in seperate areas, can they be brought together?

I like the idea of using Share Sites as my "Events" however i also want to use the web forms(.xsd) but they seem to be exclusive to web sites in explorer.

Should i continue to use Alfresco or is their something more appropriate out their for me?

Can anyone give me some pointers?