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Having Share know the location of checked out files?

Question asked by alexandra on Oct 15, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2011 by afaust
I am using Alfresco and EMC Documentum at the same time. One thing I am missing is that Documentum WebTop and Digital Asset Manager always downloads checked out files to a specific folder Called Documentum/Checkout which means that when I am done editing in Word I hit save - return to the Web GUI and just push check-in. The correct file is then uploaded into the Documentum repository without really knowing where it was temporarily stored.

In the new Documentum Centerstage application it is even better because a small client-side component listens to what you are doing and as soon as you close the word window it uploads the file to the Centerstage Space (equal to an Alfresco Site).

Do anyone else think the current way in Alfresco of having to manually locate the edited file when uploading for check-in is a bit to complicated?

Anyway to have Alfresco always download to a specific folder other than the default for my web browser?