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Dashboard randomly resets to default layout and dashlets

Question asked by cybertoast on Nov 16, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by cybertoast
I'm in the process of creating new and customizing existing dashlets and find that there are random times when the user dashboard loses all customizations and goes back to the presets default. I also get this error on occasion in my catalina.out:

Unable to save object: page.component-2-1.user~admin~dashboard of type: component to persister: RemoteStore_alfresco/site-data/components_component due to error: Unable to save object: page.component-2-1.user~admin~dashboard.xml due to error: Unable to create document path: page.component-2-1.user~admin~dashboard.xml in remote store: alfresco due to error: 409

What is error 409 and what's the problem wiht it creating hte document path? Seems like a permission error, but I believe I've given write permissions to the appropriate directories. Is there some specific folder that I need to have world writable that I'm missing?