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Questionnaire with Workflow support

Question asked by andreas.scheucher on Nov 16, 2009
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by pat9rv3sousa

We consider to use Alfresco as Document-, Knowledge- and Workflow Management System in our institution.

One upcoming requirement is to integrate online questionnaires, wich produce data to be analysed later. AFAIK Alfresco is not supporting this feature out of the box.

So I had followin first rough Idea: Create a little Web Applikation, which offers the questionnaire. After filling the form and commiting it to the database, the Questionnaire Web App creates a Document in Alfresco via the webservice interface, which then is handled with a workflow. It has only the function of an token with http-link to the information set handeled in the Web App. What kind of actions have to be done later in the workflow, is not clear up to know, but I am interested, whether a scenario like this would be possible.

A scond point would be to trigger an event when some kind of documents (which would have to be defined in Alfresco) and notify an other Application over the Web Service Interface?

thanks and best regards,
Andreas Scheucher