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Integrating hibernate external model

Question asked by ganzuoni on Jul 30, 2009
Hi all,
I am evaluating alfresco as the base framework for an application that requires extra persistent entities besides alfresco docs.
Persistence would be managed by hibernate, but, even if the physical database schema would be the same as the one used by alfresco, there will be a distinct SessionFactory with its own mapping file references.
The joint point between the external SessionFactory and alfresco's one would be the DataSource that is the same, I mean that java.sql.Connection used by alfresco hibernate Session is the same used by my hibernate Session when
running a Transaction.
I have successfully implemented such a mechanism integrating Shark workflow with a hibernate-based app. Both Shark and hibernate shared the same datasource (well, a pseudo XA DataSource) and shark db changes were committed/rolledback
together with hibernate change.
Browsing source code, it doesn't seem that the same approach can be easily implemented with alfresco.
Has anyone implemented the above scenario ? (I mean, added extra database changes in the same transaction managed by alfresco)