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Advanced Search Context (and wild cards) in 4.0a

Question asked by michaelk on Oct 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by ldepret
I've noticed some odd (non-intuitive) behavior of the search function in share.

The first issue is the handling of wild cards.  Wildcards '*' and '?' are only recognized if I enclose the search term with quotes. i.e. if I search for book* I do not get any results but if I search for "book*" I do get the results I expect.  Is this by design or is it a bug ?  (This is a Linux installation (if that makes any difference))

The second issue is that if I enter the search in the simple search box, I search the site I'm in, which is what I would expect (i.e. the search is context sensitive). The page displayed as a result gives me the opportunity to change the scope of the search to all sites or all of the repository which is just what one would want.  If, on the other hand, I select the "advanced search" I can only search the entire repository (and it gives me no indication that this is the actual search scope it uses).
Can I (and how would I) customize the advanced search to allow me to specify the search scope (to this site, all sites or all repository) ?  I looked are "share-config.xml" and tries adding the  <repository-search>context</repository-search> to the advanced search, in an attempt to limit the advanced search but this tag only seems to be recognized within the <search> tag. With this limitation the simple search is a lot more useful than the advanced search.  :cry: