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TinyMCE and IE Scrolling Issues

Question asked by dwinfield on Jul 30, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2009 by dwinfield
I'm using Alfresco 3.2 Community however I started to experience this with Alfresco 3.0

My problem has to deal with any sort of editing of content in Internet Explorer.  Using TinyMCE 3.2, if a user is halfway down the page, at seemingly random points, the cursor jumps to the top of the screen.  This scrollbar that's moving is not the one for the whole screen, but for the one in TinyMCE.  I've been able to reproduce it pretty consistently, and it's when the mouse leaves the textbox area that this happens.  You can see the horizontal scrollbar grabbing focus (it changes color to illustrate this) and then it moving to the top of the screen.

This does not happen in Firefox or Chrome (haven't tested on Safari).  Unfortunately my bosses use IE, and won't get away with it.  (At least they've stopped using IE6). 

Has anyone else experienced this, does anyone have any suggestions?  If I could figure out to create a video to link to SHOW the behavior, I would.