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Remote Desktop Access w/ CIFS

Question asked by dseybert on Nov 16, 2009
Ok, So i have successfully installed Labs 3.0 Stable 1526 with MySql 5.0.37 on a Dual NIC GBE Dell P.Edge 1950.  It's running smooth, has FTP Passthru to our DC, NTLM enabled for the Single Un / PW authentication in our network as well as maneuverability.    I have also enabled the CIFS connection in which it's binded on 445 to the CIFS Serving Share and I can browse with no problems.  However, the problem i'm facing is that we use RDP or Remote Desktop for access to manage the server and according to the WIKI and other topics, this is something that get's disabled when CIFS is active.

1st question….Is there a way to divert the setting of alfresco to allow RDP sessions and 445 CIFS in a uniform manner ?

2nd question ….if No above, is there a way to modify the alfresco orientation of the system in a manner that will allow RDP sessions to be in tact, if that means having hte CIFS operate on a nother port, and if that is the case, how would one tell a windows client to see the CIFS.

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