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Strange behavior while uploading xsl and txt files

Question asked by nikes on Jul 30, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2009 by nikes
Hi All,

I am using Alfresco community version 3.2.
I am using single box installation. MySQL and Alfresco repository and tomcat on same machine.

I have created an aspect and applied it to a space using Inbound rule for All type of contents.

When I upload any document on same machine where Alfresco is installed, it shows to fill propertysheet with custom aspect properties  properly.

Now when I hit Alfresco web application from other machine in our office network remotely say
"http://ip_of_alfserver:8080/alfresco", and try to upload plain text or MS Excel file it does not show me
my custom aspect properties. But when I upload MS Word document it properly shows custom aspect properties.

Please note this happens only when I hit Alfresco application from other machine in same network.

Any guess why it behaves like this?