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Features available in Alfresco

Question asked by dineshacc on Nov 17, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2009 by mrogers
Can someone confirm whether all the below mentioned features are available in Alfresco?

1. Version control
2. Tracks & logs of documents usage
3.Document security
4.Full test searching
5.Policy Authentication & permission system
6.Addition & deletion tools
7.Collaborative Development efforts
8.Configurable approval process
9.Content access rights - Multi level security
13.Automatic custom review notification
14.Print & export of reports
15.Digital signature
16.Automated policy index
17.Audit & LDAP
18.Mouse Over Highlights
19.Role control
20.Creation of tests & quizzes
21.Mass migration of documents
22.Contracts Module

Thanks in advance.