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New to Alfresco

Question asked by brianttu on Oct 17, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2011 by brianttu
Hey all,

I'm new to Alfresco, but I've read several chapters of a book which was handed to me.

I've been tasked to secure an Alfresco environment which currently seems to have read access for everyone.  I need to modify the environment to allow our employees somewhere between full control-read only, and external users minimal access to only things we specify.  We don't want clients seeing each other's data… 

Coming from a Interwoven TeamSite background, I immediately think of using groups and roles.  Alfresco seems to be based on the same principals, but the individual who tasked me with this feels there is a different way (based on a video he saw).

Here is the video:!

Am I on the right track of creating groups and roles for each company including my company and setting the permissions based on the groups OR is there a way to keep sites public, but hide them from external clients?

Thanks in advance for the advice!