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[3.2r CE] Upload fails behind Firewall (VPN/SSL)

Question asked by sylvain_roussy on Nov 17, 2009

I want to use Alfresco in my LAN (it's ok, no problems) and with external access through my firewall NETASQ U-120 with VPN-SSL protocol (and associate reverse proxy).
In this case, upload fails like bug in JIRA "", upload button desapears but no file is uploaded.

And my secondary problem is about the tree in the left part (My Home), images doesnt't appear and javascript fails (alert "undefined:undefined") …

I have no logs in Tomcat, and no logs in my Firewall…

What's wrong ?

OS Server : Windows 2003 Server
Firewall : NETASQ U-120
Internet browsers : Firefox 3.5 and IE 6 on Windows XP Pro



After reinstalling 3.2r2 version, twisties on left panel appears now, no javascript error with VPN SSL.  :)

But Upload still fails…  :|