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Cloud Enterprise Trial Available

Question asked by nancyg on Nov 17, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by balebel_2010
If you are reading the forums, chances are that you have already downloaded and tried Alfresco. Just the same, I wanted to point this out - we've set up Alfresco Enterprise to run on the cloud (Amazon EC2).  No need to download and install, just go to the site and give it a try, here is the link:

It has a full implementation of Alfresco Share (using Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.1) and comes pre-loaded with a sample collaboration project with Wiki pages, project document libraries, discussion forums and blogs. Once you have explored the sample project you can create your own collaboration space and set up your own project.

Please note: The Cloud image is refreshed each day, so you will have 24 hours access to the Cloud trial, but if you need more time just come back to this page and register again to get the current image URL. Also be aware that the Alfresco Cloud trial is in beta phase – and we ask you to bear with us should you encounter any problems.

Give it a try!