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Assigning values to aspect properties with rule

Question asked by robl on Jul 31, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2009 by maxxer
Working with a competitor's product (Interwoven iManage/FileSite), I was able to populate the values for the metadata based on the folder / space where a document is stored, saving the end-user from having to manually type in the metadata.

For Example, we would have a custom aspect that would include a client ID number and a project ID #.  This aspect would be added to all documents under /Company Home / Client Files. 

/ Company Home
    / Client Files
           / John Doe - C12345
                   / Old Project - P001
                   / New Project - P002
           / Mary Smith - C12346
                   / Some Project - P001
                   / Another Project - P002

Given the above folder/space structure and a document is stored in / Company Home / Client Files / John Doe - C12345 / New Project - P002, can a rule assign ClientInfo Aspect property values of the Client ID = C12345 and Project ID = P002?  If so, how is that implemented in Alfresco?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.