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Alfresco using kofax scan software.

Question asked by rebaztalei on Oct 18, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2011 by rebaztalei

we have a kofax scanner to scan the invoices of our clients. this ends up in alfresco and makes sure the invoice comes in the correct space. but recently i have made new accounts for our alfresco environment and somehow its not working. instead of sending the invoice to the specific space, it just comes in the environment of the root folders. i have made plenty of users/folders/workflows in the past 8 months to know that i'm doing this correct. i have triple checked every option. and i have not left anything out. the second problem is, the invoice is not being scanned in like the rest of the invoices. they just come out as numbers instead of a full document file. very weird.

basicly something is wrong with the workflow, but i have done the same thing i do all the time. where do i need to look if the workflow is *NOT* the problem?

-Rebaz Talei