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Installing Alfresco 3.2r in Linux using putty

Question asked by theozaf on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2009 by ialongiya
Hi all, I have connected to my Linux machine through Putty and trying to install Alfresco there. Following the most appropriate instructions I found under link I am facing the following problem. After executing step 1

You are asked for a location to install the software. If you did not change to root, your home folder is selected by default. If you intend for Alfresco to be run by other users, or to start on startup, change this to a different location. Exit the installer and become root. If you are root, the default of /opt/alfresco-<version> is selected. If you want to change it, you could choose /usr/local/alfresco-<version> as a suitable alternative.
You are asked to provide an initial password for the MySQL database.

I do not receive the messages that should follow for configuring the MySQL DB password, nor any of the following messages. Do you have any idea?

Does anyone has a list with all the files need to be modified in order to run my alfresco server?