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Question asked by afdiaz on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2009 by jarrett

Finally, I've installed and read carefully the "'Getting started guide" to implement Alfresco in my current institution but I've several questions that I'll try to solve with your help.

My idea is change the current system to share files through a server with a shared-folder in several workstations. En each workstation I've mapped a new drive and people can create, modify and delete information without upload or download files. However, the workflow's system is interesting and I can allow remote access through a username and password by creating users.

Anyway, I've a shared system around 20 Gygabytes of files (MS Office, photos, images, zips, etc). Now the questions: Is there a way to upload all my current shared files (folders and sub-folders included) to a new installation of Alfresco in the same server?

Thank you.