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IE is not sending through the domain in the Type 1 NTLM resp

Question asked by mkyie on Nov 18, 2009

I currently have Alfresco 3.1 running on a Linux server, with Windows XP and Vista clients on two separate domains connecting to it. There is a different AD server for each domain and Alfresco is configured for both.

I was wondering what would be the main reasons, and hopefully remedies, for IE on these client machines (and Firefox as well) not sending the client domain when sending through Type 1 NTLM responses?
I have ensured the Alfresco server is listed in the "Local Intranet" Zone Sites list.
I have also made the appropriate changes to the Security Options in the Local Security Policies to ensure the LAN Manager authentication level is set to "Send LM & NTLM responses".

It is strange in that _some_ machines do send through their client domain whilst others don't - and I can't figure out for the life of me what is the distinction between the two.
Is there a client-side setting that I'm missing?