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Share (Alfresco Community 3.2) Login on Port 80

Question asked by jkirby on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2009 by mikeh

I have been working to get to get share (Alfresco Community 3.2) running on our tomcat server but cannot get the login working on port 80. The server is setup behind a firewall that gets HTTPS requests on port 443 and forwards them to Apache on port 80. Once the request hits Apache we are using mod_jk to send the request to Tomcat and Alfresco/Share. This setup seems to work fine for the Alfresco portion (can login and browse). The problem is when I pull up share I can see the login screen but when I try to login I get a 404 Page not found error. If I view share using localhost I can login correctly so it seems to me that the firewall is blocking the page from being displayed. Is there an additonal configuration that needs to be made to allow share to function on port 80?