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Setting up CIFS server?...

Question asked by afdiaz on Nov 18, 2009

I've installed the last version of Alfresco in a server RedHat Enterprise 5.0. That is running fine!. I've tried to create a mapped driver from a windows station and other from a fedora station. Following the syntax I've added: \\PCName_a\alfresco\Users\afdiaz. However through the repository icon I can read : PCNamea/Alfresco/User Homes/afdiaz. Anyway, I've tried with both and I'm getting and error message:

The network path file \\PCName_a\alfresco\Users\afdiaz could not be found

I've read in the "Getting Started Guide" to refer to "Setting up the CIFS Server" but I not be able to find the file to allow/enable this feature.

Thank you for your help.