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How suitable is SURF for a custom WebClient UI

Question asked by kmartino on Aug 1, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2009 by deas0815

We are investigating using SURF to develop a new editorial interface for Alfresco WCM on version 3.2 Community (hopefully will be applicable to Enterprise). 

The hope is that our SURF web app can communicate with Alfresco via WebScripts and retrieve custom forms defined with XSDs within the WCM.  The SURF webapp will then be used as the launchpad for an AIR client that will provide additional UI functionality. The goal of using the XSDs is to avoid having to recode any business rules around the forms we are building. 

Editors <–> AIR <–> SURF <–> Alfresco (XSDs, WebScripts, Authentication, etc).

Before I go too far down that road - can SURF utilize XSDs defined in Alfresco WCM?

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