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Solr-based search return nothing

Question asked by ibtanhe on Oct 19, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by sglover
Hi all!

Ran a fully working 3.4d-installation earlier and upgraded recently to 4.0a (community) coupled to a
standalone MySQL-installation on a RHEL-6.1 box (x86_64).

Backup/restore was performed according to the "Cold-backup" recommendations and running searches
based on works great! The customer, however, wants Solr and I've tried
to get that up and running, unsuccessfully.

Solr seems per default to be tracking the repo (enable.alfresco.tracking=true) for both Alfresco and
Archive and the only modification in made is "alfresco.secureComms=none" as I
had (and still have) some SSL-related errors in catalina.out and I wanted to be able to debug the queries
submitted via HTTP easier.

What confuses me more is that the Solr-admin-web -> SCHEMA BROWSER reports that the indices
contain some kind of data and I'm not sure what that means.

numDocs: 1126
maxDoc: 78351
numTerms: 16355
version: 1318254566137
optimized: false
current: true
hasDeletions: true

Please let me know which additional information would be helpful in determining the cause of this.

Thanks in advance,
– Andy