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Setting client-debug for using uncompressed JS files

Question asked by cybertoast on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by jevon
This is just in case anyone else needed this information - took me a while to find it (and there are a few forum posts related to this without a clear pointer).

For webscripts and dashlets, the components/ file determines whether to use the compressed or uncompressed JS file included with the component:

<#assign minJS=(["client-debug"][0].value = "true")?string(".js", "-min.js")>

Configuration settings are stored in the webscripts-framework-config-custom.xml file (if you're making the changes in your web-extension vs. in the main webscripts-framework-config.xml). The 3.0_Web_Scripts wiki page describes how configurations are defined.

To set the client-debug flag, add this code to webscripts-framework-config-custom.xml:


This requires an Alfresco restart.