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Document Approval: Show Workflow / Task History

Question asked by n0hr on Nov 18, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2010 by chandra.shekher

I'm searching for a way to show the workflow history (approvals/rejects) for a particular document.

I'd like to use Alfresco's Review and Approve workflow to electronically capture/store user approvals (or rejections) of various documents stored in the Document Library.

What I can do:
- add a document to the library
- assign a Review and Approve workflow to the document for a user
- have the user approve the document change (or reject it)
- use the Alfresco "My Alfresco" Tasks dodad to display the workflow task

What I can't do:
- open a document within the library and see the workflow data. That is, who approved version 1.1, on what date, who rejected it, etc.

With many users and many documents, the workflow system becomes virtually unusable because of this.  :cry:
The task system in "My Alfresco" does not have a user friendly interface to be able to query all approvals (or rejects) associated with a particular document - and the document itself within Share lacks this workflow history viewing capability.

Any ideas? Is this being improved in a future version? Any workarounds?