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Approval workflow and group permissions problem

Question asked by ctsguy on Aug 3, 2009

I am having a pretty simple workflow but I am not able to implement it.

1. I have a space where a group (say editor group) has editor permissions and delete permissions. Also a simple approval workflow is attached to it as a rule which transfers a content to another space.
2. Now say editor1 checks-out the file, a new file with name as ABC(Working file).txt is created. (assuming original file was ABC.txt)
3. A new editor (editor2) logs in and sees two contents. But he can approve only the working copy. When he approves it, file is moved to new space, but still checked out as a working copy. (it is present in new space as a working copy).

My requirement is that whenever someone checksout the file (say editor1),
a) working file must be visible only to him and not others)  (this is not a requirement but only for my knowledge sake)
b) only he must be able to check it in, no one else. (editor2 must not checkin – I think this is automatically handled)
c) only upon check-in, can that file be approved and moved to new space. (editor2 must not be able to approve it, but currently he is able to do this)