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Custom webservice/webscript to upload files

Question asked by unknown-user on Oct 19, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2011 by openpj

We have 3-4 client applications written in Java/.Net connecting to our Alfresco Repository through out of the box WebService API's. There is a need now to control the way the files/folders are uploaded to Alfresco, basically we wanted the folders/content to be stored in a hierarchical folder structure. In order to isolate the client applications from the changes due to this, we need to give a custom service through which they can upload and query content. The custom service implementation will make sure that the files are stored in the desired structure.

Whats the best way to implement this custom service? Can we create a custom axis webservice that makes use of various Repository Services (ContentService, FileFolderService etc) and package it along with Alfresco? Has anyone done this before?

I know webscripts can be used for fileupload but how will we manage the metadata updation along with the content upload? Our client applications are standalone applications and they dont run in a web context.

Can we extend any of the out of the box webservices? like, providing a wrapper?

Thanks in advance