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Lucene search fails

Question asked by grosisimo on Aug 3, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2009 by grosisimo

I'm working with alfresco 2.9 (I'm trying to upgrade to 3.2, but I still haven't finished). It seems that after some time working lucene search starts failing.
For example, I created a couple of users. I searched them using the email address doing this query:
I had to replace the @ with ? because @ character caused problems (not a big deal).
Some time later this query started returning 0 results, and then the query that was returning right results was:
I replaced ? with \?.
Even more, I had to use "\" to escape all wildcards such as * too.
After a full reindexing it started working fine again.
Is it possible that lucene indexes in 2.9 version degradates?. I'm working out to upgrade to 3.2 but by now I'll have to work with 2.9 version for some time, so I have to know this. Until I find this out, i'll prepare a cron to reindex periodically as a workarround, but it's not a good solution.
Does this work fine in 3.2 version?

Some time before I faced a similar problem. When I looked for a text property that contained long numbers strings (for example "49723849789474"), it returned strings that were similar, but not equal (for example "49723849789535"), but what I needed was an exact match. That problem didn't solve even reindexing, so I solved it externally. Does anyone know why lucene did that? Is there a solution?.

Thanks in advance