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Enterprise 3.1 migration

Question asked by sabeer on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2009 by mrogers

I am trying to migrate alfresco 3stable to enterprise 3.1 trial version  and I am getting below error:


09:55:41,825 WARN  [org.alfresco.service.descriptor.DescriptorService] Alfresco license: Failed to verify license - Invalid License!
09:55:41,825 WARN  [org.alfresco.service.descriptor.DescriptorService] Alfresco license: Restricted Alfresco Repository to read-only capability
09:55:41,996 INFO  [org.alfresco.repo.admin.ConfigurationChecker] The Alfresco root data directory ('dir.root') is: D:\AlfrescoEnterprise\alf_data
09:55:42,200 WARN  [org.alfresco.repo.admin.patch.PatchExecuter] Patches cannot be applied to a read-only system.  Possible incompatibilities may exist between the application code and the existing data.
09:55:42,231 INFO  [org.alfresco.repo.module.ModuleServiceImpl] Found 1 module(s).
09:55:42,231 ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] Context initialization failed
org.alfresco.error.AlfrescoRuntimeException: Failed to start modules
   at org.alfresco.repo.module.ModuleComponentHelper$1.doWork(
   at org.alfresco.repo.module.ModuleComponentHelper.startModules(
   at org.alfresco.repo.module.ModuleServiceImpl.startModules(
   at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)


Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.