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Query Result with Lucene

Question asked by sergiofigueras on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2009 by maqsood
Hi everyone,

I'm with a little problem at my Alfresco Web Service. First of all, I made a query web service that queries to Alfresco/Lucene all of items with a specific NamedValue equals "test". Ok, It retrieves to me the correct Nodes. There're no problems at all.

Then, the result object cames as a list of ResultSetRow. In each of that ResultSetRow I've a property named by "columns" with one item (his type is NamedValue) with the "path" NamedValue. But, and if I want ALL of the NamedValues associated with that retrieved node? How can I get it? There's other method? What are my options?