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Search Query Nightmare

Question asked by fandez on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2009 by fandez
Hi everybody:
I'm trying to query my Alfresco 2.1.1 via web services (using windows and Tomcat). I use repositoryServiceSearch(String search) method, and the problem is that I'm not sure about the syntax of the query.

I have a folder with uuid "workspace://SpacesStore/83113447-d50c-11de-927f-2d995c94d18a" and inside I have a document named test.txt with "test test test" as the content inside. The user has all the permissions over the folder and the document.

When I "ask" for "test" I always have an empty QueryResult in return.

I have tried the following queries:

+PATH:"workspace://SpacesStore/83113447-d50c-11de-927f-2d995c94d18a" +TEXT:"test"
+PARENT:\"workspace://SpacesStore/83113447-d50c-11de-927f-2d995c94d18a\" +TEXT:\"test\"
+PATH:"workspace://SpacesStore/83113447-d50c-11de-927f-2d995c94d18a//*" + ( \\@\\{}name:test.txt)
+PATH:"workspace://SpacesStore/83113447-d50c-11de-927f-2d995c94d18a" +(@{}content:*test*  @{}name:*test*)

And a few more…
I'm kind of desperate, and that's why I beg your help
I know it should be a silly thing, but I don't find it

ps: here is my java generating the query (one of the versions I've made)

StringBuffer consulta = new StringBuffer();
         consulta.append(" +");
         consulta.append("  ");

         String query = consulta.toString();      
         result = wsAlfresco.repositoryServiceSearch(query);

result is ALWAYS NULL