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Updated PHP at SugarForge

Question asked by gyro.gearless on Nov 19, 2009
Hi folks,

i suppose it has been quiet around the PHP-Library for a while…. but not for us, as we from abcona were quite busy the last months writing an connector from SugarCRM (which is written in PHP) to Alfresco (which is, thanks god, not written in PHP).

Now that this connector is in its early alpha stage, we have released a revamped PHP library as part of the Alfredo project, see

The good news is that we have made a lot ok some improvements, for instance

* Support for document revisions
* Support for custom content models

The bad news is that the library is not 100% compatible with the original, as we felt a strong urge to prefix all classnames with "Alf" to prevent name clashes with SugarCRMs own classes (suppose it was Session). Which might not be an big issue, as the original PHP library was not of much use, anyway…

Well, your opinions welcome, especially if some Alfrescan is reading this: what should we do with it?